Southern Metals Recycling SMR - Southern Metals SCAM


Madison and his company, SMR, through their deceptive costs and dishonest practices has cost our business thousands of dollars. We were lured by the promise of his word and that his prices were legitimate. Unfortunately, the numbers never added up.

We had long suspected that the weights were off and we were not receiving our agreed rate. So when we inspected our tickets, it was clear that we were being ripped off. After stating our concern this with the office, we were told to get off his property. I have since taken our business elsewhere and wish we had done so a lot sooner.

Not only did SMR cheat our company out of thousands of dollars, he and his staff were never pleasent to deal with.

I hope more people look at their invoices and ask questions.....

I advise anyone interested in selling their metals, whether a contracting company like us, or just for small recycling, AVOID this company at all cost.

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